Selection Process

Becoming a Medical Service Associate with us is a systematic process, which includes 5 steps.

Step 1: Submit MSA Interview Form
This is the first step.You need to submit MSA interview form properly filled along 
with supporting documents.
(Form you will receive on your mail)

Step 2: e Screening interview (Video Conferencing) 
This is the second step. Here, we have a simple interaction to find out more about you. More than an interview, it is a getting to know each other exercise.

Step 3: e Career symposium (Video Conferencing)
In the third step, we discuss and make you conversant with the complete Medical Service Associate value proposition. Step by step, we introduce you to your role and profile of a Medical Service Associate.

Step 4: Project evaluation and compensation review
At this stage, we help you decide whether pharmaceuticals business is the right career option for you. We explain you our sales process, with the targets and other details and show you the clear picture of our expectations.

Step 5: Final interview 
The final step, this is the actual personal and final interview. After this step, you are just one step away from a career full of opportunities in the pharmaceutical business.

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